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KGM, an international brand owned by Khong Gian Moi Company Vietnam, is dedicated to delivering top-notch Design and Construction services for prestigious villas, garnering high praise from numerous satisfied customers due to its reputation for exceptional quality. By adhering to professional building standards, ethical practices, and accountability principles while establishing a secure financial base and investing in advanced construction technologies, KGM continuously pursues innovation and long-term sustainable growth prospects.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of Design and Construction, my focus has always been on delivering enhanced value to clients and cultivating a team of experienced managers. Currently, KGM is committed to sustainable investments across various business domains with the aim of establishing an interconnected support system that promotes ecological sustainability. Our areas of expertise include General Contracting, Design & Construction, Interior Decoration, Construction Technology, Equipment Materials, Landscape Design and Lighting Solutions. We are currently operating in multiple provinces within Vietnam and have plans for expanding our reach throughout the region in due time.


President's motto: "A house represents a lifetime commitment. It is essential to approach homeownership with dedication, ensuring that their needs are met and the property is constructed diligently with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship. The true value of a brand lies in its ability to deliver excellence rather than mere quantity."

 I come from a family-owned construction company that has been involved in residential house building since 1985. Starting from the 1990s, when I was just ten years old, I frequently accompanied my father to various construction sites. These experiences instilled in me a deep appreciation for the profound importance of building homes with care and dedication. Witnessing the sheer joy expressed by our customers upon receiving their new houses became an enduring source of gratitude within our family.

To this day, I remain committed to ensuring every project is executed with utmost attention to detail and aimed at bringing comfort and happiness to its eventual owners. Every time I joined my father on his visits to construction sites, my passion and attentiveness were unwavering towards every brick, plasterwork, iron structure, stone layout as well as the honest efforts exerted by diligent workers. This upbringing paved the way for my abiding fascination with architecture while simultaneously fostering a lifelong commitment towards both architectural design and construction practices

2005-2007: While studying, participated in many projects of senior architects in the fields of architecture, construction, and interior design.

2007-2015: Developed the professional brand of "Khong Gian Moi (KGM)" specializing in villa design and construction.

2015: Studied project management in Singapore to continue learning and improving the quality of design and construction management.

2015-2020: Developed professional construction contractor training: KGM Vietnam.

2023: Continue to develop and expand business investment effectively based on the strengths of design, construction, and interior design; establish strategic partnerships with potential investors to cultivate a collaborative business ecosystem including:

  • Design & Build: Office, Hotel, Resort, Villa, Restaurant
  • Import Business: Equipment, Materials, Furniture
  • Business Investment: Resort, Retreat, Glamping (Green & Healthy Tourism)

In the pursuit of sustainable and enduring business growth, the KGM team embraces a core principle centered on the "Heart". We prioritize "Morality" as a means to drive efficiency in our work endeavors. Our commitment lies in fostering continuous innovation, selecting exceptional individuals, delivering substantial value to customers, generating social impact, and proudly elevating Vietnam's standing both within the region and globally..

Le Ty

Ceo & Founder


Why Choose Us

KGM has diligently cultivated its brand professional, earning a noteworthy reputation for delivering value to both customers and partners in the industry. By fostering a skilled team that receives rigorous training and by strategically investing in well-equipped warehouses and machinery, our company ensures efficient management practices while minimizing operational costs.

  • More Than 15 Years Extensive Construction Expertise
  • Capitalization on Machinery and Equipment
  • Vigilant Quality Control Team
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation




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For the past 15 years, KGM has consistently aimed to deliver numerous advantages for customers, partners, and investors while generating employment opportunities and expanding its project portfolio annually. These efforts have made a significant contribution to societal development


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